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UN SPOT – Climate Neutral Now

Viral Spot (2018)


How can you reduce your CO2 emissions and live climate-neutrally? The answer would actually be quite simple, but ultimately certainly not so healthy for our protagonist... and perhaps not entirely practical. This doesn't mean that you should leave everything as it is, but perhaps there are other ways to get a little closer to the goal.

There has already been enough buzz about this spot online. It can be said: Anyone who likes British humor has a clear advantage here. Read between the lines.






CAST  Markus Kloster     

WRITTEN & DIRECTED by  Cyprian Hercka     

IDEA  Jens Gronek, Stuart Barlow     

DOP  Dominik Flohr     

PRODUCTION  Fernsehzimmer (Jens Gronek)     

MAKEUP ARTIST  Petra Beyer     

EDITING & VFX  Cyprian Hercka     

NARRATOR  Steve Hudson     

CLIENT  United Nations

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