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MISSION - World building information for those interested

Cyprian creates worlds - without any god complex.

Worlds in moving and still images.

Worlds that are unusual, unique or simply different. Inhabited by characters, and filled with places and an atmosphere that captivate and briefly whisk you away. Told in stories that grab you emotionally and surprise you at the end.

He prefers to direct all of this as a director. In order to create a well-rounded, self-contained world, he also likes to draw on his experience and other skills as a visual artist, storyboard and 2D artist, art director and music creator in both pre- and post-production. He feels that these skills are not only practical. He also believes that, as a director, you should at least have an idea and preferably the skills in as many facets of filmmaking as possible. On the one hand, to be able to implement exactly what you want to achieve. And on the other hand, to be able to communicate credibly on the same level with the team you work with. Also not to demand something that cannot be achieved given the time, resources or circumstances. Because you can't build worlds alone. And for all your dreams of world building, you should also know which worlds can be implemented, how and to what extent.

Cyprian creates worlds - without a god complex. As a creative. As a director.

And if you think what he's doing interesting and want to build worlds with him or by him, you're welcome to discuss the rest in detail with him personally.

LEGEND - Key points for infrequent readers with too little free time

1978                 born 

2001 - today    self-employed as a director, 2D artist and art director

LEGEND - Key points for heavy readers with too much free time

Legend has it that Cyprian painted before he could walk. This may be the stuff of legend. But reputable sources state that he actually painted on the chair in his father's studio at the age of two. Not painting the chair, mind you. He probably just wanted to try out the oil paints. Whether this is the whole truth or not, there must have been something true about the artistic precociousness of this nipper. Because, and this is a documented fact, at the age of just 10 he invited people to his first exhibition at the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Düren. And as if he had already achieved everything an artist could dream of - this childlike naivety - he quickly turned away from it after a few more group exhibitions. It may also have had to do with the fact that it seemed to him that paper, canvas or muddy clay were too limited to express himself visually. But as luck would have it, he had access to a VHS camera right then. This technical marvel of the time opened up a completely new and fascinating world to the pre-pubescent boy at the time. He was now able to bring stories, pictures, models and sculptures to life in a much larger space than on paper and let all his skills flow together. He began experimenting with these tools and gained his first professional experience as a trainee at WDR, until he finally graduated from high school and honed his social skills and interpersonal skills while caring for the elderly.

But as soon as this phase of his life was over, the inner restlessness to continue pursuing his love of film grew. And so he stuffed his collected works under his arm, drove to Cologne, started to knock on doors and was lucky at the end of the day. He spent the following years as an trainee, volunteer and then a permanent employee at the Cologne agency Vision Unltd. (VUCX today).  At a time when film was still used almost exclusively and a lot of money was still being spent on music videos, he was able to gain deep insights into all stages of production and learn a lot before, during and after shooting in various production positions on various sets of image films, advertising films and music videos. AAs a friend of analogue, he also lost his previous shyness and rejection of computers during this time and also learned how to handle and use post-production tools that are still used today.

And with all that underpinning knowledge and tools, he thought it would be a good thing to study directing at university afterwards. And indeed, he found himself among the last chosen ones in Ludwigsburg. But maybe it was because he wore his rock 'n' roll attitude in his chin beard and ponytail on the outside, or that everyone was tired when he was put through the wringer as the penultimate person of the day, or or or... but the end of the story was that he didn't get a rose or a photo. And perhaps he would have applied again, but the torrent of life carried him on faster than he could react in any other way. And so, immediately afterwards, he toured many short film festivals in Germany with his first short film, winning one or two prizes and also receiving the honour of presenting it on the big screen in other countries around the world and overseas.

Other roads also lead to Rome, Cyprian thought after this experience. And with this boost behind him, he was then drawn into the world of self-employment, where he amassed quite a hefty portfolio of work over the years. Work in which, in addition to directing, he also took on various directing or leading creative positions. Always very strongly influenced by his visual and artistic roots. And always looking to implement something unusual or different.

And so today Cyprian directs films in a variety of genres or music videos across genres, chases pixels across digital screens, creates stories and worlds or visual identities on paper and in moving images. And there is no end in sight any time soon. Because even though Cyprian has now got used to his first grey hairs, he is far from having run out of creative powder and still has plenty of plans and ideas in the drawer.

Cyprian wants to and will continue to live out his creativity, create worlds, make films - that's what the legend says up to this point.

More chapters will be written.

LEGEND - Key points for table fans


Selected filmography

PREISE - Für die Vitrine und fürs Ego


• Intermedia-globe in Gold 2017 for BOSCH – Category Sales Promotion


• Intermedia-globe in Gold 2014 for WELCOME HOTELS – Category Corporate Communications

• ITVA Award 2014 in Bronze for BLUE BYTE: CORPORATE FILM – Category Corporate Image

• Publikumspreis for WO DIE LIEBE HINFÄLLT – Kurze Dinger, München & Wien (2003)

• Kleiner Filmpreis in Silber for WO DIE LIEBE HINFÄLLT - WAM Filmnacht, Dortmund (2003)




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