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ANNO: BUILD AN EMPIRE – Launch Trailer

Commercial (2014)


A huge shadow creeps over the sea and across the fields. Approaching a village. A paw appears in the sky. A house between its fingers, as if it were a matchbox. Is this an attack by a giant? Not quite.
In 2014, Ubisoft Blue Byte released a version of the popular game as an app for IOS and Android devices. The wish was: an even more immediate experience of the game, an even more immediate participation in it. So why not take this wish at its word?

In this commercial, elements and actions no longer just take place in the screen, but on it. Anno now becomes part of the real world, directly tangible and controllable in its interaction with the player. It could hardly be more direct.







CAST  Ilya Shapovalov     

DIRECTED by  Cyprian Hercka     

DOP  Timm Lange     

PRODUCTION  Wildcard Communication GmbH (Jens Gronek)     

MAKEUP ARTIST  Petra Beyer     

GRAPHICS  Johannes Tönne    

EDITING & 3D ANIMATION  Industriesauger-TV   

SOUND DESIGN  Cyprian Hercka     

CLIENT  Ubisoft Blue Byte

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