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ANNO ONLINE – Launch Trailer

Commercial (2013)


The official commercial film for the launch of Anno Online, the browser game spin-off of the popular and long-running game series.

The aim was to move away from full-render trailers and capture the spirit of the Anno series in real images. Opulent buildings and mass scenes in historical settings would have been great. However, as it had to be a size smaller, we had to find another way. And so we dive into the world of Anno using many historical-looking objects associated with the game and the atmosphere of the Anno Online game. And as the ship creaks and the waves crash against the wood, we glide deeper and deeper into the scenery, discovering more and more details that give us an idea of the story behind Anno.






CONCEPT & DIRECTED by  Cyprian Hercka   

DOP  Till Müller   

PRODUCTION  Wildcard Communication GmbH (Jens Gronek)   

SET DECORATION  Alexander Wunderlich   


VFX  Cyprian Hercka, Christopher Graage    

CLIENT  Ubisoft Blue Byte

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