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SCHULER GROUP – Wir sind überall

Corporate Film (2014)


This is not a boring corporate film from the classic corporate film kit. Through our characters, this film tells a story about people who have this very special “Schuler’s view” of all things in everyday life. A story that lets us scrutinise paint damage in minor rear-end collisions with these people, chase cats through the stairwell or simply kick cans on the beach in Brazil.

Schuler is the world's largest manufacturer of presses.

And yet it is generally not realised what surrounds us in everyday life that has been produced on a Schuler press. It is sometimes astonishing and very often surprising. And, of course, it requires a wide variety of professions.

This diversity and all the possibilities had to be shown in a corporate film. In a corporate film that doesn't just string together beautiful images and statements, products, jobs and professions. It should be a story that incorporates all the important aspects in a playful way.

And don't forget the humor.





CAST  Marc Fischer, Katherine Brand, Martin Rother, Marc Dumitru, Klaus Biederstaedt    

DIRECTED by  Patrick Schlosser & Cyprian Hercka     

WRITTEN by  Patrick Schlosser     

DOP  Daniel Möller     

PRODUCTION  Fabrikfilm GmbH (Markus Simon)     

GAFFER  Hubert Märkl     

SET DECORATION  Kobita Syed   

MAKEUP ARTIST  Jana Lindner   

COSTUME  Ulé Barcelos     

STEADYCAM  Christoph Iwanow      

GRIP Boris Heide   

PRODUCTION MANAGER  Petra Hengge, Lissi Muschol     

UNIT MANAGER Marcus Goldhahn, Lydia Fischer   

FIRST ASSITANT CAMERA  Florian Ritter     


MUSIC  Daniel Elias Brenner     

EDITING  Matthias Scharfi     

VFX  Cyprian Hercka     

COLORIST  Markus Wawra      

CLIENT  Schuler AG

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