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Recruiting Film (2013)

Get up, have a quick shower, breakfast, get on the bike and off to the hotel. And then Laura stands at the front door, a little nervous because this is her first day. But she has no reason to be nervous.


We follow the character of a trainee through her training centre. In her search for her trainer, she meets the authentic trainees and, together with the viewer, gets an overview of all training occupations - without any explanatory approach and almost without words. Nevertheless, the many small and subtle visual tricks make it easy to understand.


This is a somewhat different recruiting film. It particularly thrives on the fact that it is very visually orientated, playful, likeable and likes to convey content with a little wink, which it pours into a short story. And in doing so, it moves away from the classic core structures of a recruitment film.






CAST  Laura Flormann, Klaus Biederstaedt, Winfried Bergen    

WRITTEN & DIRECTED by  Cyprian Hercka

DOP  André Beckers    

PRODUCTION  Wildcard Communication GmbH (Jens Gronek)     


EDITING  Matthias Scharfi    

BOOM OPERATOR  Christian Weihe    

MAKEUP ARTIST  Annika Niessen 

MOTION GRAPHICS & VFX  Cyprian Hercka    

CLIENT  Welcome Hotels






• Intermedia-globe in Gold 2014 – Category Corporate Communications

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