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UN SPOT – Adopt the right climate attitude

Viral Spot (2019)


Climate protection begins with awareness. And so the first thing to do here is to measure your own CO2 footprint and then reduce it if possible.

It may be difficult to do it all on your own, but with a little help you can achieve more together...

This is the second spot for the UN to highlight the opportunity to participate in UNFCCC-certified projects that reduce, avoid or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Despite the serious topic, this is done in a light-hearted manner and with a little wink in the spot.





CAST  Ryan Wichert, Shari Asha Crosson    

DIRECTED by  Cyprian Hercka     

DOP  Simon Weiler     

PRODUCTION  Fernsehzimmer (Jens Gronek, Stuart Barlow)     

MAKEUP ARTIST  Anne Müller    

EDITING & VFX  Cyprian Hercka 

MOTION GRAPHICS  Dilara Desdelen     

CLIENT  United Nations

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